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KRIEGER Immobilienmanagement Bestandsoptimierung

Value creation – from strategy to sale

Professional property management is an important interface between the real estate and financial sectors and is increasingly in demand on the market.

This is not only because of the ultimately predominant presence of foreign investors on the German property market in the recent past, but also because of the increasingly more pronounced effects of the global financial market on the property sector. Furthermore, capital providers are making additional demands more and more often in all areas of property management.

To satisfy this new demand culture, professional asset and property management is an absolute must. Whether it’s for national or international investors, financing banks or companies with their own properties, we analyse the value creation potential of their property stock and increase it as part of our real-estate asset management service.

The modular design of our service portfolio accommodates everything under one roof – whether it’s analysis and evaluation, sale and purchase, management and optimisation, or marketing.

Besides this, we also maintain and evaluate defaulted properties for our customers, and are also able to assume the management of complex property portfolios and optimise their value.

Professional reporting individually tailored to the client’s needs, revision-proof processes, and a uniform, interface-compatible IT infrastructure provide the basic requirements for active value management and transparency. A network of business and service partners that extends right across Germany and beyond its borders guarantees success-oriented, professional implementation of your strategic goals.


KONTAKT | Ansprechpartner Titel
KONTAKT | Dragan Jeftic Immobilienwirtschaft
Property management Dragan Jeftic real estate economist (GdW) Frankfurt

Phone +49 (0)69.29 72 388-801
Fax +49 (0)69.29 72 388-99
eFax +49 (0)69.29 72 388-610
Mobile +49 (0)172.65 68 131
Contact property management Dragan Jeftic
INFO CR | Virtueller Datenraum Hinweis
Virtual data room for property management

With KRIEGER Property Management you have secure access to your property data at any time and can control and manage them wherever you are.
Trennlinie zur Datenraumanzeige

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